Hatarilabs presents its own educational program designed for mastering Python in real professional and academic environments. The program has an extensive practical work that goes from the basic concepts of Python, Numpy and Pandas to specific applications in water resources and geosciences coupled with geospatial analysis and machine learning. 

We are sure that Python is a tool / asset for hydrologists, hydrogeologist, geoscientist or related professionals and we know that only practice can give you the Python level you need to apply in everyday data analysis or numerical modeling. The amount of hours, the topics covered together with the examination and certification processes give you a strong reference of Python on your professional capabilities.


This diploma is designed to provide you with the following capabilities:

  • Master the basic concepts of Python and the Jupyter environment
  • Become proficient in the common tools of the scientific oriented Python packages as Numpy, Pandas and Scipy
  • Create full feature data visualizations for tabular, geospatial and 3D data.
  • Learn and apply the most common geospatial tools for vector and raster data analysis in Python
  • Have a perspective on the application of machine learning tools in Python for water resources and related fields.
  • Get experience on the application of Python in numerical modeling. 
  • Understand the Python packages development and have the capabilities to apply new packages.


Available courses

Module 1: Python for Hydrology - Part 1

  • Teacher: Saul Montoya

Module 2: Python for Hydrology - Part 2

  • Teacher: Saul Montoya

Module 3: Data visualization in Python

  • Teacher: Saul Montoya

Module 4: Applied geospatial data analysis with Python

  • Teacher: Saul Montoya

Module 5: Machine learning in Python for water resources and geosciences

  • Teacher: Saul Montoya

Module 6: Applied numerical modeling with Python