This program is designed to provide you with the following capabilities:

  • Develop applied cases with Phreeqc and Python.
  • Analyze Phreeqc results in graphics integrated with Python libraries in a Jupyter notebook.
  • Know the Python and Flopy environment.
  • Perform hydrogeological simulations in Python and Flopy.
  • Analyze and spatially represent model information and output data.



The program is divided into 02 modules. The content of each module and the description of each session are described below. See the complete program syllabus on this link.

The summarized content of every module is described below:

Module 01: Applied Geochemical Modeling with Phreeqc and Python

  • Session 01: Speciation calculation
  • Session 02: Equilibrium with pure phases
  • Session 03: Groundwater and seawater mixing
  • Session 04: Irreversible reactions
  • Session 05: Exchange example
  • Session 06: Surface complexation
  • Session 07: Reaction kinetics …more info 

Module 02: Applied Groundwater Flow Modeling with MODFLOW, Python and Flopy

  • Session 01: Introduction to Flopy
  • Session 02: Definition of time varying conditions
  • Session 03: Simulation of particle tracking and DISV grid
  • Session 04: Setting up of advanced packages and observations
  • Session 05: Implementation of triangular meshes and 3D anisotropy
  • Session 06: Application of regional modeling …more info 

Methodology / Examination

Mode: Offline - Asynchronous

Some details about the methodology of the program:

  • Manuals and files for the exercises will be delivered on our online platform.
  • The course will be developed by recorded videos and will be available on our elearning platform.
  • There is support for questions regarding the exercises developed through the forum/email.
  • Video of the classes will be available for 4 months

The certification exams are organized as follows:

  • The certification consists of 01 exam.
  • Digital certificates will be available at the end of the program with the approval of the exam.
  • To receive the digital certificate you must take the exam.

Cursos disponibles

Online Course: Applied Geochemical Modeling with Phreeqc and Python

Online Course: Applied Groundwater Flow Modeling with MODFLOW, Python and Flopy