We have designed a complete program on MODFLOW with Model Muse that ranges from the essential topics in flow and transport modeling to applied cases of regional modeling, infrastructure projects, and seawater intrusion. MODFLOW with Model Muse is a recent open-source software that provides various tools for simulating the groundwater flow regime in different environments.  

A numerical groundwater flow model can be the most efficient and effective tool to understand the groundwater flow regimen and to obtain practical information about relationships between the geological environment and surface flow. There needs to be more than a code for groundwater modeling; it is necessary to know both the modeling platform and the physical processes we want to reproduce, and in this particular case, the water dynamics of the hydrogeological system. This program will cover basic, intermediate and advanced topics such as manual/automatic calibration.


The student will reach the following objectives based on a hands-on learning approach through understanding simple to complex concepts:

  • Learning the Model Muse environment and tools for modeling with MODFLOW.
  • Developing criteria for conceptualization, grid design and selection of boundary conditions.
  • Designing strategies for data collection, model construction, calibration and analysis.
  • Analyzing the water balance model and exporting model data to other platforms.
  • Performing manual and automated calibrations.


The diploma is divided into seven modules, described below.. See the complete diploma syllabus on this link.

Cursos disponibles

Module 1: Groundwater Modeling using MODFLOW 6 and Model Muse

Module 2: Contaminant Transport Modeling using MODFLOW and MT3D

Module 3: Regional Modeling with Modflow and Model Muse

Module 4: Infrastructure Modeling

Module 5: Seawater Intrusion Modeling with Modflow, Model Muse and SWI2

Module 6: Modflow in Mining with Modflow and Model Muse

Module 7: Automatic and Manual Calibration with Modflow and Pest