Managing the world's water resources requires professionals to have multidisciplinary knowledge and an integrated approach, involving to the management of surface water, groundwater, river hydraulics. Today, there is a need of professionals that can deal with many types of software and programming codes to develop comprehensive evaluations of the current and future conditions of the water resources.

In this opportunity, Hatarilabs provides the Diploma of Numerical Modeling of Water Resources using open source software will help better evaluations and changes towards a sustainable management. The team teaching is made up of 02 top-level teachers from Peru and Mexico; all with master's degrees from top-level universities, such as: James Cook University - Australia and Stuttgart University - Germany with studies focused on water resources modeling.

Note: This diploma is directed for professionals of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management of the Government of Belize.


Train participants in the various tools for water resource modeling through the use of free software.


  • Module 1: GIS in Water Management
  • Module 2: Hydrological Modelling with HMS
  • Module3: Hydraulic River Modelling with Hec Ras
  • Module 4: Modelling Aquifers with MODFLOW and ModelMuse
  • Module 5: Flood Modelling with i-RIC

Cursos disponibles

Module 01: Geographical Information System (GIS) in Water Resources Management with QGIS

Module 02: Hydrological Modeling with HEC-HMS

Module 03: Hydraulic River Modelling with Hec Ras

  • Profesor: Marycarmen Martinez Diaz

Module 04: Groundwater Modelling using MODFLOW6 and Model Muse

Module 05: Flood Modelling with i-RIC